Haitian Vitamin-News 05 December 2011-Part-A-2 An issue of Image problems

Agent-x - December 5 2011, 5:28 AM

A serious issue or even a crisis of Image problem.

☺☻I was wondering why Michel Martelly and his delegation does not show up in most newspapers in Latin America and elsewhere.

Take a look on how the delegation that accompanied Michel Martelly was dressing.

Color of clothing clashed and mismatched then they mismatched with each other.

Some of them look laughable and lamentable at the same time. It was a total embarrassment for Haiti.

Michel Martelly, Tierry Mayard Paul, Laurent Lamothe are dressed appropriately and follow the protocol.

If Michel Martelly is talking about the new image for Haiti, as an artist he should take a good look at the visual harmony of his delegation and such image must be cultivated on a daily basis
Martelly should hire an image consultant, an expert in etiquette to mentor his staff and any future delegation that will accompany him to a foreign country on how to dress and behave.

It is not how much you pay for an outfit that matter, it is the matching, its appropriateness for the season and its suitability for the occasion that matter.☺☻
Click on the Nouvelliste pictures and judge for yourself.


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Agent-x says...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

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