What kind of protection do we have now, none. Ofcourse, the...

Garry Destin - November 19 2011, 3:54 PM

What kind of protection do we have now, none.
Ofcourse, the old army had nothing better to so they turned against their own people.

The old army wasn't trained, most of them didn't have much of an education and those who had one, it was a french brain wash one good example Baby doc, Henry Namphy, Aristide and all those before Martelli.

They hated their own color therefore they wanted to kill all those who looked like them. In better words, they were monkeys playing with gun except that monkeys were smarter.

Now having an army with good civic and moral education and moreover having nothing to do with politics or authority over the citizens will not be bad at all.
All those who oppose to the idea, want Haiti to be always weak, vulnerable and having the Dominicans to come and go as the please.

These people wouldn't spend their dimes in Haiti first of all.
They are Haitian officials but Dominican consumers, confude.

So in all said, Mr Martelli has my count.

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