Martelly and Clinton are not perfect - who is? But one thing...

Ronald Altieri - September 20 2011, 9:37 AM

Martelly and Clinton are not perfect - who is?

But one thing for sure Clinton did spend his honeymoon with Hillary in Haiti.

Another thing for certain is that we Haitians are hesitant and somewhat afraid to set foot on the motherland, while Clinton walks around hugging our dirty litte sisters and brothers with a smile.

Put whatever spin you want in those actions, but action do speak louder than words.

And, a smile can do so much for the spirit of a child who knows not one from his or her own people's adults.

Martelly is not perfect, but destiny has brought him to the Haitian psyche as the orchestra leader for change toward a unique vision for Haiti.

Clinton just said at a UN Meeting that he has waited 30 years to be convinced by a Haitian leader of his passion to move the Haiti forward like Martelly has - i am paraphrasing here. May be that does not mean much to some pessimistic minds who are living in the US and loving the US dollar, while they want to piss on the US flag and relations with Haiti.

But one thing for certain Haitians have done more wrong to Haiti than any outsider, which lead me to believe that the most profound of our problem is us and not the US.
Yes, there are many who have abused our generosity in may ways, but that situation pales to the lack of care and passion that permeated our culture by the prominent and able to do haitians - myself in a way included.

I propose that whatever the ill-thought agenda of any outsider may have in mind does not come close to the ills that have been caused by the those who placed their right hands on their hearts while La Dessaliniene is being played.

It is true that some hug our little ones with a smile while their agenda causes us pain. But those agenda could not be unless selfish egotistical Haitian politician did not shake hands and smile with the culprit to the despair of the nation.

It is also true that the spirit of a man's soul can be seen by way of his actions toward his future, who are the generations to come through his little sisters and brothers.

In that frame of thought, the true nature and measure of a man is his vision, and what is being advocated in deed and in speech for the betterment of his people's future.

I can go on and on, but suffice it is to say that we all know what we have in our stomach, but let us make certain that we keep our minds clean with optimistic thoughts.

It is easy to crumble a blade of grass, but to try to create one is another matter.

Today is September 20, 2011 - let us move on in love with optimism and reject hate with pessimism.

What are doing to better the future of Haiti?

I suggest even a hug and a smile to one of our little sisters and brothers will go a long way. But while busy spending energy to spread non-sense we will not be able to open our minds, hearts and souls to those who depend on us for a smile and vision toward a better day.
In the spirit of our ancestors and those who have perished on January 12th, 2010.
Ayiti Cheri written by Dr. Othello Bayard de Cayes

Ayiti cheri pi bon peyi pase ou nanpwen

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