In that case, I disagree with Steven Benoit. More we have...

Jojoline - August 4 2011, 11:03 AM

In that case, I disagree with Steven Benoit.

More we have conflict in the country concerning the Government; more Haitian people will pay the consequences.

I hope that this is not Steven Benoit's word, because he knows what is the meaning of suffering for the society.

C'est le cas de dire: woch nan dlo pa kon doule woch nan soleil.

Steven if you do have that power, the good one, please tell us you are not the one saying that nonsense.

You know that all the papers presented by Bernard Gousse were conformed.

For me the choice suppose to stay as it was at the beginning Daniel Rouzier, if not, tell me what is the purpose not accepting the President choice twice?

What is behind that government problem?

Who the senates and deputies are trying to shovel to the top?

Shame on you guys, you have no heart and no real responsibility for the country and his people.

You are fighting the President choice because it's not what you want. For God sake, not Jean-Max Bellerive because he already have is time let's someone else have the opportunity to be the President right hand. Please understand that our life is not relaying on Duvalier, Aristide, Preval and now Bellerive, Haiti has a lot of good minds ...

please don't do that to us. Let's the wheel turns and works for the safety of the country.

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