Cholera or hegemonic Political Weapons?

Agent-x - June 2 2011, 6:47 PM

We are asking all Haitian to do research on the capricious spread of cholera in Haiti and how that might have something to do with US effort to eradicate the presence of the Cubans doctor and educators in Haiti.

By creating a massive health crisis in Haiti, they will send a massive contingency of military doctors to solve the problem they created and by doing so they will force the Haitian government to break diplomatic relation with Cuba. That is why US installed a US puppet, pro Duvalierist, Pro American and willing to commit any crime for the American in Haiti.

Those that have some doubts about my speculation read the current wikileaks revelation about Haiti and Petro-Caribe.

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Bernadette F. Delgado says...

I never thought about this possibility but it looks like something the US will do to advance its agenda. The US don't care how many people is killed... more »

Jim says...

Seriously, I am surprised to read such nonsense from Agent x. You could do better. You should read the state of US relations with Cuba and see how... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jim,Agent x is a sick puppy that still believe Aristide and Preval were good presidents and they will come back again in power to finish unfurnished... more »