I am not saying that Clinton should invest in everything at...

Natif.natal - May 29 2011, 11:45 AM

I am not saying that Clinton should invest in everything at the same time. but seeing his track record I am skeptical about what his true intentions are. Look at Labadee for example.

Royal Caribbean has been using and exploiting this for years.

How much money have they made from Labadee?

How much of that has gone back into the local economy?

what has been the impact of this on Haiti?

has the area truly benefited?

I am saying yes to the tourism industry but Tourism that again benefits the local economy or the economy of another country or a few people's pockets.

I think Clinton's ideas will probably not benefit Haiti.

Maybe five years from now he will be making another speech saying how he's "sorry" but by then maybe the damage will be done.

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