Inauguration Bizarre and Strange, Didn't Get It!

Tiba - May 15 2011, 11:37 AM

First, just a little rant about the video tape. A member posted the video tape of Tete Kale's inauguration on this blog with very good intention for those of us who didn't and couldn't make it to Haiti.

I really appreciate the blogger for the thought and the generosity.

However, the video was the worst I ever seen in history since the explosion of the new technology age. Frankly, the video was a reflection of the incompetence and mediocrity of a bunch of Haitians who claimed themselves as professionals.

I'm sure whoever made the video is going to try to sell it and those Haitians who support incompetence and mediocrity will buy it as if this video is the greates video ever recorded of the century.

Alright, enough of that!

Actually, the real reason for this message is to ask 2 practical questions that have been spinning in my little teeny tiny greazy head since I watched the inauguaration video yesterday.

Keep in mind that I have never seen or watched the inauguaration of any Haitian president before.

This is my first time thank to the thoughtful and generosity of the blogger who posted it on the blog even though the video quality was the worst that I have ever seen.

The first question is, did Martelly really swear in or really took the oath of office yesterday?

Or, since I'm kinda slow, did I really miss it when he was taking it?

I do realize and understand that Haitians do things grossly different from the rest of the world, but shouldn't taking the "oath of office" be uniformed with the rest of the world?

Second, why having the Catholic Church singing a Te Deum at a presidential inauguration?

Isn't it true, Te Deum is a ceremony dedicated to the deads?

If this is the way president takes the oat of office in Haiti, it means that there is always a Te Deum for Haiti's death on every presidential inauguation.

It makes perfect sense to me now why Haiti counldn't never move forward.

Because Haiti is dead and has been for over a century.

How could a dead country ever move forward?

Now here's my observation of the whole thing.

In the video, I saw a long line of priests, bishops, and archbishops saying mass or Te Deum ceremony.

After the liturgy ceremony (church service), the priests, the bishops, and the archbishops all, in line, shook Martelly's hand one-by-one as they're leaving the alter.

Soon after that, Martelly walked away alone with the secrets service (I assume) without his wife. I thought that was the part where he was going to take the oat of office (swearing in) in front of the population, and I started getting a little emotional (joy).

I was saying WOW!!! he is really going to be president of the country that rejected him.

For a little while, I was watching to see where he was going, and then bang! bong! boom! he walked straight to the podium to give the speech.

But again, I said to myself, self just calm down and chill, they are going to get to that part soon after the speech because that's how Haitians do things, backward.

Well, I had a big pot of rice & beans on the stove, so I went to check it and lower the burner to avoid it from burning paske mwen renmen graton diri anpil.

The sauce chicken was already done and chillin on the next burner.

I was away for just 1 1/2 minutes but I was still listening from the kitchen.

I came back and he was still half way through of the speech.

The speech was over, he went to his police review and a few other events took place in the meantime until everything was done and then everybody left.

Now, I never saw him with his left hand on no bible and his right hand up repeating after the supreme court justice or the archbishop these very words "je mengage my promesse au bapteme to serve and to protect the constipation of Haiti and all of his delusional morons on Preval blog, etc...)

Is it fair to say that the swearing in of a president in Haiti consists only by Having a bunch of priests, bishops, and archbishops conducting a Te Deum ceromony under a tent and at the end everybody says "amen" and that is all it takes to swear in, or take the oat of office in Haiti?

He did not swear or take an engagement about anything!

WOW! holy mamma mia! no wonder why we, Haitians, are so stranged in the eye of the world.

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Ti Pierre says...

Michel Martelly swore in as president in front of the national assembly before the Te Deum, this was the very first part of the ceremony, you must... more »

Tiba says...

Ti Pierre, Thanks for the info. I did not see that first part in the video. My bad! My apology!! more »

Tranqilll says...

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