My dream for haiti.

Louis. S - May 12 2011, 1:04 PM

First let me begin by saying congratulation to president Michel Martelly for all you have done so far. As a fellow musician i think u are doing an excellent job even though you are not official yet. People in the 10th department think you are the man for the job. About 10 years ago, a couple of my friends and i decided to come up with a plan that can change lives in Haiti, and we couldn't find anything better but to target deforestation in Haiti, I see our brothers and sisters are suffering and dying, and they are taking our lovely country with them by cutting all the trees and causing erosion and famine an Haiti.

My friends and i came up with this plan that can not only reforest the country, but also save lives and creates opportunities to tackle hunger create jobs and and more importantly reverse importation, all we needed was the opportunities and the tools needed to accomplish these task. I hope this memo get to someone who care about Haiti as much as i care for that great gift of ours call Haiti.

Thanks for taking the time to read my memo hope to hear from u soon. sincerely:VENZ

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