Do haiti really need a president and a parliament.What have...

Solidarity Internationale - May 11 2011, 12:58 PM

Do haiti really need a president and a parliament.What have they accomplished for the benefit of their nation?

it's a way to keep people in a dreaming world pretending they have someone capable to help them to get out of their miserable and desesperate situation.

After over 200 years this is the reality haitian politicians still leading their people through the path of lies and destruction, Our youths just humiliated by jamaicans authorities and others because of the immorality of our secretary of our youth and sports Mr Evans Lescouflair an open homosexual who had been accused several times of molestation.Our society just maintain silence shhhhhhh...How many of our national soccer players who have been accepted to engage in a such barbaric and lasciviousness act just to be abble to represent their country in a national level.Won't we feel much better and safer by simply accept the fact that we are not able to lead our destiny and let a foreign country take over before it's too late.

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