Part of the problem is Haiti is a WEAK GOVERNMENT. Any time...

Alister Wm Macintyre - May 6 2011, 12:37 PM

Part of the problem is Haiti is a WEAK GOVERNMENT.

Any time you have a weak government, people outside of the government pretty much get to do the **** whatever they choose to do, without oversight.

On top of that, what the people get paid as civil servants, such as JUDGES, POLICE, TEACHERS, the whole GOV civil service, is not enough to live on, when they do get paid, so they have to supplement their income, which breeds corruption.

Solving this will require COOPERATION between the newly elected President, the newly elected Parliament, the Judiciary, and the People.

I am not seeing a lot of cooperation.

Can INITE in Parliament work with Martelly?

Can Martelly make a single proposal without being drowned out by people screaming and rioting in protest?

Astronomical funds have been made available to help Haiti rebuild back better.

This good will, and resources, will not last forever.

There are many alternative solutions.

There needs to be the cooperation to agree on which solution is best, then get it implemented.

e.g. Ministry of Plan establish a deadline for NGOs to register with the government of Haiti, and get ID cards for NGO workers, showing they work for a registered NGO. After the deadline, the Haitian police can fine NGO workers who cannot show this proof of registration.

e.g. After each election there is a property tax on everyone able to prove they own the land. If they cannot prove it, the land is seized by the government to be used for rebuilding back better.

e.g. Martelly and Parliament get their heads together to form a Haiti organization which will take over the work of the reconstruction commission.

The international funders would still be welcome to be on the commission, but the Haiti representatives would have more say. Right now a foreign nation gets a vote on the commission if they have PLEDGED $ 1/2 million, but not actually paid that much. When Haiti takes over, the rule should change - you don't get your vote until after you have actually paid $ 1/2 million of what you pledged.

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