Resignation or not the perpetrators of stolen votes should be...

Toulimen Legrand - May 6 2011, 11:56 AM

Resignation or not the perpetrators of stolen votes should be brought to justice.

It is a shame on the 21st Century that we still cannot hold credible elections.

If the purpose of holding elections is to enrich politicians why should people continue to embark themselves in a such horrible journey.

After the Independent Electoral Commission has submitted its verdict the Haitian justice system should arrests all suspicious people and trial them to teach them a lesson.

Gaillot Dorsainvil is not above the law and he will answer questions about his participation in those stolen votes' moments.

If he has been found guilty he should be incarcerated to purge his sentence.

They should spend 10 to 15 years behind bars to think how to become a better person in Haiti.

Stolen elections are a bad message to Haitian politicians and people's lives will never be better! Bear with me, they should be in jail in the next 90 days following Martelly's investiture.

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