Moore nationality you have better chance and possibility we...

Deblozai - May 6 2011, 11:12 AM

moore nationality you have better chance and possibility we have to help the haitiens.

is better for the pays because you see you've heard ' there is no problem we find the solution.

let's doo it
please help michel doo what he have to doo: moun yo ap mouri grangou
why you guy's are looking for that kind of things every body that's say they are haitians is not true ;;; extra terrestre / alians / that staying in my pays around my president
""""" exellence ''"" dont pays attention to that kind of what er v yo, you know better yo sot kote yo soti pou yo fini ak peuple puis craze pays m' conain tu seras pas d accord 88888888 1

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