Ben, I do not know you, but we feel connected, Would you call...

E Reyme - May 4 2011, 9:23 AM

I do not know you, but we feel connected, Would you call this number so we could discuss in private.

I know a lot about politics in Haiti.

Beaten and put in jail under Baby Doc, Attempts of assissination under Aristide, I claim US as my country of refuge in 1995. Haiti is a very complex country.

If we were able to be self-sufficient, the best approach to Haiti developmentwould be first hand to isolate France and US and apply a purely Haitian system for our own development...Did you know we do not have problem between haitians.

France and US create problems betweeen us to have preponderance (political, cultural, and economical) (Call 888-816-0309).

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Sir Thank you very much for imput. Past present equal...

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