I have a strange feeling that Mr supplice can't do much for...

Martine Civil - May 1 2011, 10:51 PM

I have a strange feeling that Mr supplice can't do much for Haiti .Remember once a dog, remain a dog. this man with his old political allied can not be straight.

yes I respect his knowledge and Degree however this is not all .personally I feel that his soul are corrupted in the reason for that is his past surrounding make me suspicious look at his past credential he work for a regime that never had any advancement, a government who did not care for the Haitian society but only to tortured them until most of us could not resisted in fled the country Readers please think wisely see whom this man was associate with example luc Desir, cedras,Zackary Delva, ti pouche jacques Gracia ect( the list is long)what guarantee those this man have for us today?

Mr president I voted for you but to this point this is your first mistake you mention at your campaign election that you are for the people, but try a little bit harder and be wiser.

this man MR SUPPLICE is not for haiti Democracy I know exactly what you need. yes! indeed his title fit, but the person itself does not fit., again if in the past he couldn't make a difference what have change about this man for this post.Many of us have Degree, Degree who those not fit our personality, or our ability but still again earn a Degree by a well recognize school.

so Mr president please don't be a fool start fresh with a brand new team a team that is competent and sincere.You declare in your speech that this man is sincere, I don't think so think twice before you regret it Remenber the kind of nation we are once all goes right you are the sunshine, as we voted for you strongly but don't forget if you turn your promess to slick round the nation will make you pay the price (example from ex president Aristide)the allied International is watching you.Be aware that you have stand to be strong and self cable inside and out side look at you as a fighter so please be the warrior.

Any one like myself with a master in criminal justice Degree can do this our curriculum for this Degree require Administration investigation police investigation, government affairs, the Law"s, contra-ban falsification etc.so what don't you look for some one with this field to fit your need. I sincerely do mean it I really wish that my opinion can reach you. Mr Woodring editor for Bel Fem do your best so that it reach.

proud to be Haitian.

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