Black in Latin America

Yvette Duverge - April 27 2011, 10:51 AM

God bless you.

I have watched the first part of the series Black in Latin America.

I tell you I truly enjoyed it. I learned so much about my country.

I thought the professor did a great job in telling about Haiti's wonderful history.

Every time I read a story about Haiti it either starts or ends with Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

I tell you that use to bug me so much, sometimes I would not get to the end of the story because I know how it is going to end and I did not want to see those words.

Now because of this brilliant program that was put together by Dr Gates and his team many people who did not know the many unfortunate events that contributed to Haiti's poverty now knows it. Now I think all the stories about Haiti should start or ends with despite the fact that Haiti had to pay France one billion dollars of reparation debt that caused the country much suffering those amazing people still manage to make it. To God be the glory.

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