It is what it is! Unfortunately, we think in terms of personal...

Jacques L - April 21 2011, 11:49 AM

It is what it is! Unfortunately, we think in terms of personal housing and needs.

The government has to think beyond individuals.

They need space for offices, staff, visitors (local AND foreign).

My only hope is that structure can be recycled for another use once the permanent building is up.
As for moving the capital, not as easy as it sounds.

You can move the buildings and officials, but what do you do with the rest of the NGOs and businesses?

Keep in mind many of them setup shop there to interact with the government.

Look at Washington and see.
Modernization (internet access, computerization) and decentralization are the keys to rebuilding.

Keep the essentials in Port-au-Prince and move the rest out to the provinces.

That will also help build the Haitian economy.

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