A sweet message from an American born Haitian friend

Pierre R. Dejean - April 20 2011, 10:27 AM

Greetings Mr. President Elect Martelley.

I am a proud American born Haitian.

I believe that your vision of committing to rebuilding Haiti from the ground up, (not from wishful thinking down; or hands out begging...) will go a long way to leave a real legacy behind after your term is up.

Commiting to removing citizens living in tent cities to sustainable housing; schooling for all; re-cultivating the agricultural sector; reviving the tourism industry; and committing to building up the infrastructure will go a long way to leaving a legacy behind that all Haitians can be proud of.

You are the natural bridge between the the sector of society that has wealth and the poor. Your commitment to bridging this gap is essential for ALL Haitians to come together to rebuild our country.

I am ready to serve in any capacity to assist in the transformation for a 21st Century Haiti.

Your leadership is a welcome sign that we can finally join hands to rebuild our motherland.

Keep your vision sharp.

Hold all those under your command accountable towards achieving the realistic goals you set out to accomplish.

Make us proud Mr. President - our country needs your leadership.


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