We may finally have a true leader in President Elect, Martelly

Gab - April 18 2011, 2:05 PM

Haitian voter winner weighs amnesty for ex-leaders
Date: Today: 00 Hours 51 Minutes Ago

Michel Martelly, due to be confirmed president of Haiti this week, is considering granting amnesty to former leaders Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Jean-Claude Duvalier to promote reconciliation.

"Before thinking about it, there has to be a campaign of awareness and consolation to understand victims and respect their concerns," Martelly told Montreal's French-language daily La Presse in an interview published Monday.

The former popstar and carnival entertainer said he was considering amnesty for the pair because "those who have been hurt in the past understand the necessity for reconciliation."

Duvalier, who went into exile in 1986, was accused of torture and murder during his 15-year presidential rule. He returned to Haiti in January 2011 to face charges of corruption, theft and misappropriation of funds.

Aristide, a former priest who was ousted in a rebellion in 2004, made his return in March.

His government, the first democratically-elected one in Haiti, was accused of corruption and human rights violations.

"Haiti's Constitution makes no reference to exile," Martelly said. "If they had problems or if they did bad things in the past, that is something justice will decide.

"I say they are welcome here and that we will promote reconciliation and inclusion," he added.

"We will not rush to take any decisions, but I am leaning toward amnesty and clemency, so that we can think about tomorrow instead of the past."

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Patricia says...

Friend! his name will be in history as the greater president of Haiti not to even say the world will read and study his legacy as an example of a... more »

Nicolas Ronel says...

According to my sight, I think Martelly is on the good way by only thinking to the reconsiliation of the caribean nation because this can help the... more »