You're fool of it, you were calling Mr. Aristide all kind of...

Dr. D - March 21 2011, 4:38 PM

You're fool of it, you were calling Mr. Aristide all kind of name but you don't like the N word. it's funny man. Back to what you said,: Aristide is being out for 7 years now and you're talking about 3 years ago. man, try to educate yourself before you come and fool your self, because you can't fool no body else.
All you have heared about Aristide is because of his stands against the white manfor the good of our country, try to read this book by Dr. Paul Farmer "THE USAGE OF HAITI" this book will make you hate everything about the develop countries that have done many evils against our beloved Haiti.

That is if you are a "PATRIOTE".

Haiti is alright, haitians are alright, our enemies are these folks who cannot let go, because they're afraid that one day Haiti might retaliate against them for what they have done to Haiti.

Remember what Teddy Woosvelt former US president said about Haiti and I quote:"HAITI IS A SLEEPING GIANT, THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP THIS GIANT AT BAY IS TO HAVE HAITIANS FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER" they have succeed, because they have you blasting a former leader who was always trying to do what is right.

This little Island, has caused alot of problems to the powers.Not only we had liberated ourselves, we've also helped liberated others.

From Venezuela to Greece.

Educate yourself brother and you will never see Aristide the way you do.

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We'll my friend back in three years did you know that...

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