Some priest leave the light and step into darkness. Once that...

Neg Maron - March 17 2011, 8:12 PM

Some priest leave the light and step into darkness.

Once that happens, they never come back to the light.

Have you ever seen a video or heard a speech where Aristide is telling the youth the Haiti to do the right thing by not stealing, by respecting others, by not raping, by not kidnapping, by cleaning the environment so on and so forth.

His thing is always about USA, France and Haitian Military.

However meaningful and justifiable some of those points may be, as a president of a nation you are responsible for the betterment of a people and not your own philosophical ambitions.

As a social activist, which he was brilliant one before he became president, you can excite the people's passions towards in a dual-goal of self realizing selfish ambitions and socially empowering the people.

But as a president, selfish philosophical ambitions must take a back seat to the social programs to empower the people to have their own philosophical ambitions.

Aristide was a brilliant third world social activist, but the presidency of Haiti ruin him to the point of no return.

The die-hards that are hooked to his social activism have never been able to get out of the mud, let is alone to harmonize themselves for something meaningful.

If Aristide find himself in Haiti tomorrow, there is a price to pay and i believe the price will be a very serious effort to eliminate the Fanmi Lavalas Party from Haitian Politics as a power broker.

The USA who was accused of kidnapping him will not take it lighly after their president said to wait until the elections are over. France will not seat ack with their partner Canada to see their money go an help to rebuild a National Palace, if they know there is a chance that a Fanmi Lavalas president will someday make it there.

I am inclined to believe that Aristide has made the biggest mistake in his political career by deciding to show up in Haiti right now, because it will be seen as a power play by him and Preval and others to disrupt the elections.

If Haiti's elections turn out to be a mess, Aristide, Preval and CEP will be blamed with a heavy price to pay.
Beating the drums in the streets for Titid return with Danny Glover, and USA's good hearted president president telling you to wait until the elections are over are two different extremes.

Bottom line is this, the diaspora is not going to invest in their country without security.

Moreover, the internations powers will not give the green light for money to be poured into a chaotic mess.
I am an optimist, but with Haiti i have to see it to believe.

I think that Aristide will realize that he is better off to reach Haiti on Monday or beyond, because Port-Au-Prince flooded with Lavalas can not do neither Aristide or his followers any good.
The MINUSTHA that he has criticized is the Security Force of the country.

Who is going to protect Aristide.

Could it be that he knows that the presidency can never be is in the future, as long as there is a country name USA and France, than the next best thing if martyrdom.

May be the priest has come back to his senses.

Let us wait and see!

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