Three Young men were executed for posting candidate Manigat's pictures

The Dark Knight - March 8 2011, 6:59 PM

Trois colleurs d'affiches de la candidate Manigat tu

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Soule says...

I do not trust her at all it could be the same lied when she accused Mr preval's goup attacked her associates.Hellas! more »

Sesalye says...

Pretty soon they are going to blame Micky for Leslie Manigat decision to wear a pink skirt while he is dancing Micky's song 'Yon ti Moral' more »

Hit Em Up says...

se lot jou yun microb te di ke Dark Knightste fe yun sondaj ki te di ke mirland tap bat michel konya mim microb sa vin bay bagay sa INITE dwe peyi... more »