Ronald thank you for your insight. The majority of poeple do...

Roger - March 1 2011, 7:35 AM

Ronald thank you for your insight.

The majority of poeple do not know that Telemarketers who make phone calls (cold calling) from phone a list that their companies buy form certain companies, who are in the business of selling real phone #s, are actually doing the same thing that Michel's Camp did. It is perfectly legal.

When you and i receive a phone call from a telemarketer trying to seel us some stuff, we can go online and stop that company from calling (i can send you the info if you need on how to do this if you need it).

Online soliciting in our computers when we receive a message or ad from a company, can also be eliminated if we choose not to be contacted anymore.

It is all legal.

Even lawfirms in the US contact people by phone to sell their service, and as i said you can stop it, but it is not illegal.

What Michel's camp did is even smarter, because from what i understand it was a one time deal. Smart.

Just think of how many politicians in the world would have loved to think of what Micky did. The interactive online debate was also a classic.

His camp is definitely thinking out of the box, and there is always heavy critic when you are presenting something new in politics,.

Some in the circle of the world powers are afraid that Haiti will become an example to the world if the youth of Haiti decides to elect an a Musician as their President.

Some in that circle are also concerned about Haiti having its own army, because there is a lot money and experiments being made in Haiti with MINUSTHA as the force in front of the political force.

You are so right Ronald, if the Haitian youth and elders can put their heads together and elect Michel they will be thinking out-of the box.
When people here investigation their minds start flipping, but as you said at time when a politician is said to be under investigation that plays out in huge publicity.

I am certain that his camp knows how to take advantage of that kind of situation.

You and i know that not too long ago Obama and his wife were being investigated as muslim terrorists as stated on the the NY Magazinein cover of July 13, 2008 or so. This story was also picked up by Rachel Sklar of the Huffington Post on July 21, 2008. Obama's rating went sky high with that bogus investigation and the internet with the older women backing him up from the first lady Hillary camp helped him to comfortably become President.

The rest is history.

You know that this is not my thing, but Jeanine was surprised to see your name on this site and called me. So, here we are. Next time you stop in NY make sure you call and visit your old buddy.

Chow for now,

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The publicity that the Michel's camp is going to get...

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