I experienced it muself, when a group of us went on a Mission...

Jean Claude - February 28 2011, 1:17 PM

I experienced it muself, when a group of us went on a Mission trip from a Bible school from Jamaica.

There were Haitians, Jamaicans, Canadians, Americans, Mexicans,Trinidadians, Barbagians,those from Antigua and Grenada.

My worst eperiece was when we arrived in The "lik'l Grenada" as Jamaican patois says lik'l for little, the custom officers took us to a room just US HAITIANS for questioning.

Man!!! We were vexed.

After when one of them went and question our mission director, the came back inside and allowed us to go through without apologizing to us for their insult.

"Boyi!!! it nuh ezi at all fe the haitian them"lol.Man i love when you add a little CREOL in the mail it sounds like 'Sik sou bonbon' ou 'byen epis nan poul' Jaime ca!!!!

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