If the "Young people don't have demetia or alzheimer" the...

Cpt.d - February 28 2011, 12:00 PM

If the "Young people don't have demetia or alzheimer" the disease some of them are affected to is even worse.

Sane people will not trust many of them for lack of good judment.

Unfortunately our youth copy the wrong model.

In a recent front page of a prominent Haitian daily news paper, Le Nouvelliste the main article was about 40 under age girls who were arrested for undecent acts, "Sex by the tent, public lesbian activities" in the Champ de Mars. The level of criminal illegal activities has been growing in Haiti.

Who do they have as model, Micky, Wycleff and the likes.

We need law & order.

we have to rebuild a nation...

Many undecided people have turned to Mirlande after Micky recent public statement.

There's no hope the brother relapse.

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It is not being silly,its the truth young people do...


mirlande pour president

Mirlande manigat a perdu toute sa lucidite.elle a deja 75 ans l,age de retraite.Bonne retraite madame.

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