I'm glad to know another good Haitian-American technician with...

Cpt.d - February 24 2011, 4:30 PM

I'm glad to know another good Haitian-American technician with the best job. I like success stories, I'm interested in your good side, yes it really matter to me for there's no joy in seeing a fellow Haitian in jail. You have a positive, uplifthing, story you smoke crack, hashish, pot, tomb stone, magic mushroom ect..,and you managed to stop before it was too late. That's it. I hope traces of drugs in your blood didn't stop you from an even better position.

I enjoy been around my Haitian American pilots.

I met a few at a gathering in our base in VA. Drugs is a no, no in the law enforcement community.

I've lost some friends in Vietnam who did drugs.

These stuff impaires you and causes injury and death.

Having courage and guts to talk about yourself is good. Certain behavior or actions will prevent individual with specific profile to hold important role. Sweet Micky's profile is not helping him. In fact they have to hire a Spanish PR firm Ostos & Sola to shift the Haitian mind set trying hard to recreate another individual.

It works with the weak and lowly but not with everyone.

Its help to have heart and talent, heart and talent, heart and talent! Keep up the good work and continue to stay away from drug. Be safe be well. all the best.
Micky has talent, he has a heart but its not enough, We can't and will not elect Sweet Micky.

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