We still need to encourage the youth to do good, don't be...

Cpt.d - February 22 2011, 1:38 AM

we still need to encourage the youth to do good, don't be discouraged, don't give up the good fight to save as many as you can. Do you your best no matter what they say. Its a mind game, playing with the kids emotion while taking advantage of the poverty and lack of resources to prey on the weak and vulnarable.

Also fear has a lot to do too, Radi-Tv station are struggling for add and journalists are affraid of conducting serious investigative reporting on Micky many allegations, arrest records and other un-kosher activities.

The youth need role model, but unfortunately its seems like Haiti it doesn't pay to live right.

They're wonder why they have to go to school.

We need to restor hope, stand for what is right.

Most youth would anything for money, whether for survival or to jump in the band wagon.

Its not too late to change things around, I strongly believe with all my heart and soul that the Lord is going to do a miracle in Haiti.

Let's pray for God to spare us from this curse.

Could you imagine such individual running a nation! love have mercy on us. Hang in there, pray for a miracle,

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You right, sometime you ask yourself if you

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