I can not help but to agree with you on this one, Ronald. I...

Ronald Altieri - February 21 2011, 12:44 PM

I can not help but to agree with you on this one, Ronald.

I have been following the chit chats on both sides concerning this issue, and have expressed my own in supporting his return.

My take is that he should make his way to the airport with his family and start a hunger strike, until he is allowed to land on Haitian soil.
The publicity from declaring that he is about to start a hunger strike would be huge, and event changing.

If the present government and a presidential candidate can not handle his entry into the country, then you are not ready to deal with the hardcore issues that are lurking in the air.
It is believed that his return will disturb the elections.

Well! We have cholera mix with filth and misery, and if that is not a threat to disturb the second round - why should President Aristide be a threat.

Let us deal with the issues head on right now once and for all. Whoever wants to come back home Haiti should do so in the perimeters of the law, as no one is above the law.
What is the law?

The way i see it, in life all males are called to look deep to see if they have 2 testicles or 2 eggs.

Let us wait and see what happens.

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As I said before,it is time we take away that exil...

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