I hear u garry on the fact that a person can take a snake to...

R.c. - February 21 2011, 12:16 PM

i hear u garry on the fact that a person can take a snake to school, but to teach the snake how to sit still on a chair is another thing.

Everyone must also know that a poisonaous snake can never be made non-poisonous even if you give it a blood transfusion because the poison is in its dna; in its soul.

I do believe that people can change, by traveling inside themselves and replacing darkness with brightness, but that change or tranformation is between the person and God who really knows if the person has changed or not.

On the other hand, are you going to trust a born again killer pedophile to teach the bible to your adolescent daughter or son, after 30 years in jail - I would not! Just like i would not trust a poisonous snake around my neck.
We know that Jesus' disciples were not angels, but the lessons there are about those who allow the light to remove the darkness from their souls, and not serpent minded demons who could not see the light or change their dna or souls.

Be careful of the serpent minded person that is smiling while sitting next to you with a bible.

He is more dangerous than your enemy who is far away that does not believe in God.

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