Love GOD R.b, but learn humanity from mankind. I believe he...

R.c. - February 21 2011, 9:40 AM

Love GOD R.b, but learn humanity from mankind.

I believe he was an iconic social activist as a priest, and somewhere along the way in his presidency he lost what made him a great social activist.

I bleive he was right on many issues, and he should have gotten many caribbean and other world leaders to sign a document to justify his calling for France to repay the 90million Francs (21 billion US dollars) that Haiti had to pay to France for its Independence.

The world was not ready to approach colonialism with such a radical approach, especially from little Haiti (if you know what i mean).

I believe he devilishly wrong on praising and saying that he enjoye the smell of dead bodies being by pere lebrun.

A lot of terrible people did some terrible horrific things while he was in power.

Those things were associated with him being the High Priest of Darkness, as stipulated by some Rosicrucians and/or FreeMasons.

The tragedy of that is that the Vatican knows these things by investigation.

He could have been even greater of a person had he asked his followers, as a past priest, not to do anything that would dirty the dignity of the Fanmi Lavalas party and of Haiti.

He could have asked the people to walk away from kidnapping and raping.

I am certain that he knows when you tell the world that the US government had kidnapped you at gunpoint there are certain political repercussions that comes with that. I am certain that when you ask France to repay 21 billion US dollars, there are certain situations that must be willing to be endured.

Hey what if the Native Indians wanted their lands back back from the US government of wanted compensation for their land. What if India and Jamaica wanted England to pay them back for this and that. What if the African Americans wanted the US government to pay them for slavery and kidnapping.

That is what is at the core of the Airistide affair.

Get it straight!
What he could do right now is to be humble, and remember the priest in him.He could right now write a letter to Obama, Clinton (his friend) Preval (his political brother), Martelly, Manigat, Jean Claude and even the Pope to make a case of helping him to come back. But there is too much pride, and a priest need to know that humility is a great weapon.

A foreign lawyer to handle his case is not a great idea, because the national flavor looses something.

It is one this to wear foreign clothes, cologne, drive foreigh cars and hire foreign advisers, but to have a foreigh lawyer in his case to me is not ideal.

I would the best Haitian lawyers we have.
His partisans are not helping right now, they are exposing themselves as spoilers, and the world is not going to go for it. Believe it or not!
Remember this, if our country does not get itself together, we will either become, at best, annexed by the United States under the supervision of MINUSTAH and OAS for a long time to come. But in the worst case scenario, Haiti could end up being economically run through the programs of the Dominican Republic who will see to it that the donated are properly angled.

You see, the international bodies are not going to let their money fly in a battleground that had just seen 300000 or so of its people killed and they still can not get themselves straigt.

If Haiti does not get itself straight fast with a new elelcted government soon, some plans are going to be activated to run Haiti by invisible annexation (some know what i am talking about).

The way that it is being looked is simple, if we can not get ourselves together after 300000 dead than some powers of the living are going to get our country straigt for us. Those plans have a range to occupy Haiti for 30 to 50 years.

This is not a joke. The Caribbean and North American Powers will not feel safe with an unorganize, screaming, yelling, burning, throwing, robbing, raping Haiti next door. This, will prove to be a health and political hazard that they will not stand by to watch, as it threatens their own stability.

This is not a joke!

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