His name is Anglo-Saxon. His passport has an eagle on its...

Mitch - February 16 2011, 2:42 PM

his name is Anglo-Saxon.

His passport has an eagle on its cover.

Now he dares tell us who should be allowed back into Haiti.

The last time I check Aristide's Passport even though it is a diplomatic passport has a palm tree on its cover.

How sad is it that depending on where we Haitians stand we applaud or decry this kind of interference in our national affairs.

The real troublemakers for Haiti are those who financed the discord, supported many coups.

They have bought many of us with the threat of loss of visa, sometimes with cash. We tend to hate who they want us to hate and praise who they want us to praise.

In times they used to make us fight and kill each other in the arena.

Nowadays they use the media with their lies and their deception to put us against each other.

When will we realize that they have not done anything right for us?

They are around when we don't need them and they are not always and sometimes never around when we need them.
They could spend 5 billion plus to enslave a free country and create international welfare system out of it by enriching people of multiple nationalities.

5Billion to create a mess, and no patience to fix what they have broken.

The best thing they could do is learn to respect the will of the Haitian people and stop thinking they have a better solution for us.

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