The Reason Why The U.S. Doesn't Want Aristide To Return

Popjustice - February 15 2011, 10:59 PM

Although Baby Doc murdered thousands of innocent Haitian people the United States, Canada and France refuses to charge him with crimes against humanity.

However, Ayiti's only duly elected President Aristide still sits in exile begging to return to his homeland.

The reason why United States doesn't want Aristide to return to Ayiti is because there's this wealthy minority that resides in Petionville that's called the 184, United States has a vested interest in protecting them, that's the real reason why Baby Doc was allowed to return because he's their Haitian version of Uncle Tom.

He stole millions of Ayiti's finacial resources and murdered thousands of the Lavalas Party which is led by Aristide.

Aristide was and still is a champion of the poor, disenfranchised and downtrodden, which is the majority of Ayiti, however he's not allowed to return home and his political party isn't allowed to participate in the suspect Democratic process in Ayiti.

I strongly encourage people to go on youtube and type in Kevin Pina's, "we must kill the bandits"

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