Michel Martelly and Mrs Manigat go on round 2

Josline Pyrrhus - February 14 2011, 9:56 PM

I like both candidats I don't have any problems with them. If Martelly wins the election I will be happy.May be we can give a try to a woman to see the difference since women never govern the country before.

If Mrs Manigat wins the election she can choose Mr Martelly as a prime minister and they can work together or Mr Martelly can do the samething.

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Patricia says...

Nothing personal against Mrs Manigat,but what the country is facing this days a 70years old can not deal with it.We need someone who will be able to... more »

Yasezi says...

Just in case you have not read this article reported today Haiti - here it is Michel Martelly met with Mr. Carlos Westendorp, Secretary General of... more »

Patricia says...

I encourage to those who still have doubt about him,do not just listen to what people said,but just do your own research and you will be amaze to... more »