Gerontocracy is not one of the most discussed topics in haiti!

Joseph Jose Andour - October 15 2010, 10:18 AM

Many young Haitians to protest against the structure imposed gerontocrat in Haiti the day after our independence, which is continuous and the worst is that we do not know when, when completed because these merely the latest of protestors only be doing nothing to achieve abolition.

Nowadays there is no question of voting someone because he (she) is my friend, my father, my former teacher or because he (she) pays me to do, which is juste.Ils not come back to us being that young to vote someone who is talented, who loves his country and who also believes in young potentials and creative! To be fair none of them among our candidates could not do some things to deal with such reliable standards for our votes in the hearts of elctions to be held next month.

But this does not mean also that there is not one of them one can try to trust though (it) is not just by showing realistic sense of responsablity being a politician (detached).

For me if there will be someone that Ms. MIRLAND MANIGAT.

I hope I will not be ashamed in the future for you and trusting that God helps you in your campaign in full alignment with the youth because they will be replacing you when you leave this earth has to go to the other side, thanks.

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