Haiti - Laurent Lamothe Officially Registers as Candidate for President

Haiti Elections Update - Media circus surrounded former prime Minister Laurent Lamothe after he finally submitted all his documents at the Electoral Bureau (BED) at Route de Freres in Petionville making his candidacy official... Prime Minister Lamothe had to be rushed into a room afterwards for security purposes...

PHOTO: Haiti - Premier Ministre Laurent Lamothe

KREYOL: Haiti - Jounalis anvayi Laurent Lamothe apre li finn depoze pyes li kom Candidat a la Presidence byen ta yèswa... Laurent Lamothe di: "Mwen paka rete bwa kwaze devan tribilasyon mas pèp la... Donc nou vinn poze ak saa jounen jodi a... Se pa president m bezwewn president, se travay m vinn travay..." Kisa ou panse???

Haiti Radio Ginen tried to get a few words out of candidate Lamothe but all they could get was "avek anpil fierté" (With a lot of pride.)

Nearly 15 minutes after submitting his documents, the media was still unable to speak to Candidate Laurent Lamothe due the amount of journalists trying to get an interview...

When the Prime Minister Lamothe finally spoke on his way out, he said he cannot just sit there with his hands crossed, so he joined the race in order to finish the work he started as Prime Minister.

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (10)

Ernst Joseph says...

Lauren lamoth can't be a president of

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Raoule says...


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Regina says...

Mr. Lamothe I used to love Haiti xtra. " pa okupe sanront yo" go for it only you ki ka fem entre Haiti.

si gro cochon moise jn Charles la mete barrier map prie pou li ka mete bouda li yon

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Toussaintemilien says...

Bon mwen panse ke le a rive point bal chans li gen pwoblem ki Diw konen saw genyen oupa kon saw pral jwen ke li kembe promesse li ou déjà gen vit pam kounye sou

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Harold Fleurine says...

I like lamoth, so iam glad he register yesturday, I will be putting my self available to help him on his campagn this

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Guy Joseph says...

that good for

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Frantz Martelly says...

He has already loved himself to be competent, trustworthy, hardworking.

Compare to the other candidates he is in there out of love and patriotism for his country.

I hope he got lot of security.

I donor trust Pitit Dessalines not Lavalasse.

All these two so call political parties know how to do is killing, stealing, destroying everything.

They do not know how to run the

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Yanick Florus says...

That will be for the best. Good Luck

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Mike Pillon says...

Ki fierte achete tout moun depi nan konmanceman e ki kontinye ap achete taler yap achete cep pou li pa Bali kaner
Epi nan election lamorte ap achete tout moun ki impotan pou fe li pase sa pa fierte li paye tout moun fer egare kisa pase epi na al fer jounin sou beton pou nou fer ti peup la pase mizer avek ti komersant kampe oui pou nou pa pran nan lamorte sa nap regret

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Mike Pillon says...

Yon seri de moun se visye yo ye lamorte te di sa li achete yo lap depanse million li panse li Bon pou sa ou déjà we sak pral fet li achete fok li fer profi nou San ront pou ta pran nan menm cep lap achete sou nou si nou betize vre peup pitit Racine payi ya pa kite sa pase tan se achete yo achete pou yo fer profit de tout fason sepa plante yo plante pou ta recolte visye sa yo gran

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