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Sophia Martelly Decharge - La Cour Superieure des Comptes responds to Andre Michel

President and Vice President of Haiti's Cour Supérieure des Comptes Fritz Robert Saint-Paul, vice president of the Superior Court of Auditors (La Cour superieure des comptes - CSCCA) proves wrong the accusations of André Michel, the opposition leader who criticized the institution for rendering a "favorable judgment" to former First Lady Sophia Martelly. more »

Andre Michel is MAD because Sophia Martelly has Decharge

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haitian opposition and anti Tet Kale leader Andre Michel is had as hell after hearing that former first lady Sophia Martelly. more »

Haiti Sophia Martelly granted discharge by La Cour superieure des comptes

Haiti - President Martelly and first lady Sophia Martelly after voting in August 2015 elections The Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes (La Cour supérieure des comptes - CSCCA) has granted discharge to the former First Lady, Sophia Saint-Rémy Martelly, wife of ex president Michel Martelly. more »

FLASH: Ex president Michel MARTELLY and Family left Haiti by helicopter Sunday amidst protests

Haiti President Michel Martelly and family - Inauguration day Breaking News... The family of former Haitian President Michel Martelly left Haiti by helicopter Sunday afternoon and landed in Barahona, Dominican Republic, following violent protest in the country. more »

PHOTO: Haiti President Martelly Goes out to VOTE Election-Day Oct 25

Haiti Jou Election - President Martelly Soti Ale Vote, La Presse Anvayi li... Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly goes out to vote sunday, 25 October 2015, accompanied by his wife, First Lady Sophia Martelly... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe will NOT be a Candidate for President, Sauveur Pierre Etienne Said so...

Sauveur Pierre Etienne - OPL 2 Haiti Elections Update -- OPL presidential candidate Sauveur Pierre Etienne made it very clear that former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe will NOT be a Candidate for President in the upcoming elections and he gave details why it is impossible... more »

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS has nothing against the Diaspora, Louis Gerald Gilles says

Fanmi Lavalas Logo Haiti Elections Update -- With the candidacy of Sophia Martelly rejected, many Haitians believe this is a low blow against the Haitian Diaspora... Fanmi LAVALAS candidate Louis Gerald Gilles who contested her candidacy said NO hard feelings, LAVALAS has nothing against the Diaspora... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Pierre-Louis Opont confirms Sophia Martelly got the Boot

Sophia Martelly Kandida pou Senateur Departement l'Ouest The new of Sophia Martelly's "Carnet" came from the lion's mouth... CEP President Pierre-Louis Oppont confirms that first Lady Sophia Martelly's candidacy for Senator has been rejected... more »

FLASH : Haiti - Sophia Martelly Candidacy REJECTED, Sophia Martelly Pran Kane...

Sophia Martelly - PHTK se Pati Pam Breaking News... Haiti Elections Update - Sophia Martelly Pran Kanè... The candidacy to the Senate for the West department of first lady Sophia Saint Remy Martelly was rejected bu the judges of the BCEN... more »

Haiti Elections - BCEN to render a verdict on Sophia Martelly Candidacy...

Sophia Martelly - PHTK se Pati Pam Haiti Elections Update -- Will Haiti first lady Sophia Martelly be allowed to participate as a candidate for Senator in the upcoming elections? The National Electoral Office of Litigation (BCEN) spent all weekend listening to both sides of the case and will render their decision mid-week... more »