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The same people who overthrew Aristide are concocting the same plan to get rid of Jovenel Moise, Rosemond Jean said (VIDEO)

Haiti - Rosemond Jean presents to the media a previous document signed by Aristide Opposition The same people who succeeded in overthrowing Jean Bertrand Aristide are now planning to overthrow president Jovenel Moise, political militant Rosemond Jean said in a video. "Same people, same plan, same promises which they did not keep back in 2002." more »

Its Dialogue or Civil War, a Haiti pro-govt militant said

Haitian protesters in the street setting a lot of tires on fire It's "Dialogue or Civil War," exclaimed pro-government militant Rosemond Jean who said he is shocked to hear the dechoukay being promoted live on certain radio stations in the Haitian capital. more »