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FLASH: Haiti CEP - Pierre Louis Opont RESIGNS

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections Update -- Electoral Council (CEP) president Pierre Louis Opont has resigned from his post late night Thursday according to a credible news source, Rado Signal FM Reports... more »

FLASH: Haiti CEP - Economic Forum Asks Opont to Resign

Haiti Elections Caricature - KEP Opont ap konte Vote, Zot ap detounen li Haiti Elections Update --The Economic Forum has asked Electoral Council (CEP) President Pierre-Louis Opont to resign from his post because has has failed in his task, according to radio SCOOP FM. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Martelly had NO Idea Opont was going to Postpone the Elections

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President BREAKING News... Haiti Elections - President Michel Martelly had NO Idea that CEP President Pierre-Louis Opont was going to postpone the 24 January elections... Martelly Heard it on the radio like everyone else, Journalist Gary Pierre Paul Charles confirms on radio SCOOP FM... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Martelly calls Emergency Meeting with CEP regarding 2nd Round Presidential

Pierre Louis Opont ak President Michel Martelly Haiti Elections Update - President Michel Martelly has called for an emergency meeting with the Electoral Council (CEP) regarding 2nd round presidential immediately following a letter he received from the council regarding the impossibility to hold elections on 17 January 2016... more »

Haiti CEP - Pierre Louis Opont Confirms Presidential Results Will be released Tuesday 03 November

Haiti Elections - Pierre Louis Opont ap VOTE Haiti electoral council (CEP) president Pierre Louis Opont confirmed Friday on Radio Vision 2000 that presidential elections results will be released Tuesday, 03 November 2015, on time as scheduled by the electoral calendar... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Opont reminds Voters to Go out and VOTE Next Sunday

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections Update -- CEP president Pierre Louis Opont sends out an open invitation to all Haitian voters to go out and vote in the upcoming presidential elections 25 October 2015... Everything is is being put in place, Opont said... more »

Haiti Elections - Someone inside CEP Tried to Sabotage the Electoral Process, Pierre Louis Opont says

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections Update - CEP President Pierre Louis Opont admitted in a press conference Sunday that Chef de Service Joseph Hebert Lucien escaped since Friday with all the materials necessary to print the ID badges for all the Mandataires, something he calls a sabotage and the root of all the problems of "No Mandats" the eve of the elections. more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Pierre-Louis Opont confirms Sophia Martelly got the Boot

Sophia Martelly Kandida pou Senateur Departement l'Ouest The new of Sophia Martelly's "Carnet" came from the lion's mouth... CEP President Pierre-Louis Oppont confirms that first Lady Sophia Martelly's candidacy for Senator has been rejected... more »