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Affaire PetroCaribe - Haiti's Superior court of Auditors announce it will release its PetroCaribe report in January 2019

La Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux administratif CSCCA The Petro Caribe Challenge has reached the ears of the judges at the The Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation ( La Cour supérieure des comptes et du contentieux administratif - CSCCA) who officially announced it will release its report on the handling of the PetroCaribe dossier which was sent to the Court by the Senate of the Republic in January 2019. more »

VIDEO: Ex President Martelly responds to PetroCaribe Challenge. Martelly wants an Investigation

PHOTO: Ex Haiti President Michel Martelly answer question about #PetroCaribeChallenge Watch this video... For the first time, ex Haitian president Michel Martelly speaks out about #PetroCaribeChallenge. Martelly says the real people behind the movement are hiding something. Only an investigation will shed real light and it will lead where the money is. Watch the video... more »

VIDEO: Ex Haiti president Michel Martelly responds to #PetroCaribeChallenge

PHOTO: President Singer Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly rehearsing in New York Watch this video... Former Haitian president has a simple answer for the popular #PetroCaribeChallenge. Martelly says If THEY put all that effort in other things like things, Haiti would go very far. Find out what these things are, watch this video... more »

VIDEO: Kote Lajan PetroCARIBE a? Wilson LALEAU bay Reponse

Wilson Laleau - Former Haiti Minister of Finance Everyone in Haiti wants to know what happened to the Petrocaribe money in Haiti? Listen the answers of Wilson Laleau, former minister of Finance under president Michel Martelly, in a video interview. more »

Rapport PetroCaribe Haiti: Youri Latortue reacts to President Jovenel Moise declaration in Paris

Senateur Youri Latortue Haiti Senate President Youri Latortue wants President Jovenel Moise to butt out of the PetroCaribe rapport drama happening in the Senate. "A president can not interfere in the affairs of the legislature just as a senator can not interfere in the affairs of the executive," he said. more »

Rapport PetroCaribe Haiti: There will be NO Political Persecutions while as long as I am President, Jovenel Moise says

PHOTO: Haiti President Jovenel Moise in Paris speaking with the Diaspora During his trip to Europe, president jovenel Moise told the Haitian diaspora in Paris as long as he's president there will be no political persecutions happening in the country. more »

VIDEO: Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe destroys PetroCaribe Report by Senators Beauplan, Don Kato and Nenel Cassy

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe during a Press Conference In a press conference Tuesday, former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe destroys the PetroCaribe report by Senators Evaliere Beauplan, Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy and Nenel Cassy. more »

Haiti: Wilson Laleau, ex Ministre des Finances, appelle le rapport PetroCaribe du senateur Beauplan partial, partiel, partisan, un acte irresponsable

Wilson Laleau - Chief of Staff of Haiti president Jovenel Moise Wilson Laleau écrit au président du Sénat. L'ex Ministre des Finances appelle le rapport PetroCaribe du sénateur Beauplan partial, partiel, partisan, un acte irresponsable... lire la lettre ci-dessous... more »

Haiti: Madame Stephanie BALMIR VILLEDROUIN constate 13 erreurs graves dans le Rapport PetroCaribe de Beauplan

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism Haiti Rapport PetroCaribe - L'ancienne Ministre haitienne du Tourisme et des Industries Créatives, Madame Stéphanie BALMIR VILLEDROUIN, constate 13 erreurs graves, mensongères et diffamatoires dans le Rapport de Beauplan. Elle adresse une lettre de protestation au Président du Sénat et fournit des explications crédibles et des preuves. more »

Ex Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe calls Senator Beauplan PetroCaribe report "Truly Scandalous"

Laurent Lamothe - Ex Prime Minister of Haiti The PetroCaribe "report" of senators Evaliere Beauplan and Nenel Cassy is "truly scandalous", ex Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said... more »