PetroCaribe - Where is the Money?

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PetroCaribe: Laurent Lamothe faces Prosecutor Clame Ocham Dameus Tuesday

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Laurent Lamothe ak President Martelly - Gouvenman Lakay ou La Gonave Former Haiti prime minister Laurent Lamothe is due to appear at Parguet de Port-au-Prince Tuesday to answer questions about where is the Petro Caribe money. more »

Senator Garcia Delva sends a message to the Haitian people and the corrupted hiding behind PetroCaribe

Senateur Garcia Delva - Kot Kob PetroCaribe a Listen to this AUDIO... Haitian Senator ask everyone who is corrupted and hiding behind the PetroCaribe challenge movement to stop using the little people for their own benefit. more »

Haiti - President Jovenel Moise Launches PetroCaribe Investigation

PHOTO: Haiti President Jovenel Moise Commemorates Death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines in Pont Rouge - 17 Octobre 2018 Haitian President Jovenel Moise has reiterated his commitment to rooting out corruption. more »

Haiti 17 Octobre, Rony Timothee di JEZI k konnen di se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a

Rony Timothée says only Jesus knows whether they will enter people's home Haiti 17 Octobre 2018, Lidè opposition Rony Timothée di "JEZI k konnen" si se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a... Se pa DECHOUKAY sa vle di? more »

AUDIO: Steven Benoit: I told President Preval NOT to buy CNE equipments with PetroCaribe money!

Kote Kob PetroCaribe a? Steven Benoit, Rene Preval, Jude Celestin Listen to this AUDIO... Former Haitian Senator Steven Benoit told journalist Valery Numa he warned ex president Rene Preval NOT to purchase new equipment for the Centre National des Equipements (CNE) with 197 Million dollars of PetroCaribe money until an investigation was made to find out what happened to the previous equipments. more »

Moise Jean Charles going to the United Nations to request PetroCaribe investigation (VIDEO)

Moise Jean Charles speaking at the United Nations Haiti political opposition leader Moise Jean Charles announced he is going to speak at the Untied Nations, accompanied by a delegation which includes Texas businessman Dumarsais Simeus, to request, among other things, an investigation into the dilapidation s of the PetroCaribe money in Haiti. more »

VIDEO: Haiti - Senateur Willot Joseph di se Depute, Senate ak GWO neg ki vole tout lajan PetroCaribe a

Haitian Senator Willot Joseph Watch this video... Haitian Senator Willot Joseph tells Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant to build a build a bigger prison for the Deputes and Senators because it is them and a bunch of big guys who stole the PetroCaribe money... more »

King Kino: PetroCaribe Challenge is a Joke, some are using PetroCaribe for their own political interest

King Kino says PetroCaribe is Just Politics Haitian artist King Kino believes all that commotion about PetroCaribe in Haiti is just a big joke. It's jut Politics. Kino says what is happening now in Haiti, it's a political fight for the 2022 elections and everyone is using PetroCaribe for their own interest. more »

Wilson Laleau: Haiti's current Political Regime does NOT facilitate Development

Laurent Lamothe - Wilson Laleau To develop a county, you have to do the most strategic things first, former Finance Minister Wilson Laleau said, but the Political Regime that currently exists in Haiti does NOT facilitate Development. Laleau Explains... more »

Wilson Laleau: I warned back in January 2015 that the PetroCaribe fund was about to Collapse

Wilson Laleau - Former Haiti Minister of Finance One week after he was installed as the minister of Econmy and Finance, Wilson Laleau said on Tele Metropole that the PetroCaribe fund was about to collapse because there is no more money in it. more »