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Do Haitian authorities lack foresight and vision?

Ignace Saint-Fleur, Directeur General BMPAD For the same problem to happen in the same country time after time, a Haitian journalist question for ability of Haitian authorities ability to foresee these difficulties before they happen. more »

What if President Trump causes oil prices to go up in the world, what does that mean for Haiti?

President Jovenel Moise and President Donald Trump I just read a disturbing article about how US president Trump is about to send world oil prices soaring even higher... First thing that comes to my mind is: What does that mean for Haiti? more »

Haiti - Les compagnies petrolieres sont fachees contre le BMPAD

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti L'Association des professionnels du pétrole (APP) a quelque peu grondé le BMPAD à cause, soutient-elle, d'une acquisition de gasoil « sans appel d'offres ». more »