Haiti Elections Fraud

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Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles Says: ALL FRAUDS Point to Jovenel Moise

Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote??? Haiti Elections Update -- Less than 3 days before the election verification commission report is due to come out, Pitit Desalin candidate for president Moise Jean Charles says ALL FRAUDS in the recent presidential elections point to ONLY ONE candidate: Jovenel Moise, the PHTK candidate... more »

Haiti Elections - OEA Official Says YES to Vote Verification

Haiti Politik - Sa Blan Di? Read this... Ronald Sanders, former head of an Organization of American States (OAS) special mission to Haiti, thinks it necessary to VERIFY the recent Haiti elections... Here comes the commission the verification everyone's been talking about!!! more »

Haiti CEP Made a Mistake in ALL Depute Certificates

Haiti Depute Certificate with a Mistake in it Haiti Elections Update - The Electoral Council (CEP) made a big BOOBOO on the certificates of all the elected deputes... The CEP wrote "Circoncription" instead of "CirconScription" more »

Haiti Elections - Haitian RED Cross denies Ambulance Involvement of in Election Fraud

Ambulance in Haiti Haiti post-elections update -- In press release Thursday, the Haitian Red Cross denies any involvement in operations where its ambulances were carrying fraudulent electoral ballots to stuff ballot boxes in voting centers in the 25 October 2015 Haiti elections... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP : We are going to EXPEL some Candidates

Mad Haitian Haiti Elections Update - The "list of belligerents" that ruined election day will be known next week, says Electoral Council (CEP) member Pierre Manigat Junior, All candidates involved in these acts of vandalism and ransacking of the polling stations will simply be excluded he said... EXPELLED... Outta here!!! more »