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Haiti Politics - USA Kenneth Merten Issues a Threat to CUT Off Haiti Elections Funding IF...

Jovenel Moise, Kenneth Merten, Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update - In an interview to Voice of America Creole, USA official Kenneth Merten said the Haitian government needs to hurry up with the elections process or risk loosing the elections funding money that come from the USA and the international community... more »

Haiti Elections - 1.8 Million Gourdes to EACH Presidential Candidate by Tuesday, Elections Minister says

For Rent - Haiti National Palace Haiti Elections Update -- 50+ candidates for President in Haiti are about to receive $1,800,000.00 gourdes each from the government to help fund their campaign starting Tuesday says Jean Fritz Jean Louis, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for electoral matters... To some candidates, this is their LOTTERY TICKET!!! more »

Haiti Politics - Bombshell article reveals USAID Funded Martelly Rise to Power

Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly and Charlito Baker at a Post-Election Manifestation in Haiti BREAKING NEWS : Aljaseera has just released a bombshell article revealing that USAID paid nearly $100,000 to a Haitian political movement with close ties to President Michel Martelly to thrust him into power shortly after the U.S. pushed to kick Jude Celestin out of the 2010 election... more »

Haiti Elections - The MONEY is coming, PM Evans Paul Says to Political Parties

Evans PAUL, 17th Prime Minister of Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Prime Minister Evans Paul asks the political parties to be patient, the Government will split the 500 Million Gourdes cash prize soon... Some political parties cannot wait... The elections financing money promised by the government was expected to arrive before elections starts BUT, still, the political parties wait... Most political parties involved in this don't even have money to campaign... more »

Haiti Elections - Union Europeenne contributes 5 Million Euros for the Upcoming Elections, Something about this upsets me...

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box In Haiti, you often hear politicians telling the "International Community" to butt out of Haitian politics; however, when it comes time for someone to pay the bill for the elections, it is "International to the rescue!" AND NOBODY, NOBODY complains about their financial contributions... That being said... Union Européenne announced their contribution of 5 Million Euros for the Upcoming Haiti Elections schedules for 26 Oct 2014... more »