Haiti: Voters want ELECTIONS, Unelectable Politicians want SELECTION

Haiti Elections -- Think about this for a minute... It's election day in Haiti, 1001 candidates run for office, 101 WIN, suddenly, the other 900 losers (those who lost) come together and form an OPPOSITION... They are UNITED boy... Before you know it, TIRES are burning, Haiti is a political mess, vle pa vle fo-l ale!!! Give me a freakin' JOB or else!!! OOOPS! I'm sorry... Gouvernement de Consensus...

Haiti Caricature - Group 5 Senateur voye yon Mesaj bay G6 la

These 900 loosers (those who lost) could NOT even choose one good candidate among themselves to run for office but they will choose the loudest mouths among themselves to pollute the airwaves, they will complain on every radio station, they will only SHUT UP if they are SELECTED for job (which they are usually not qualified for) in the new government. They always shut up once they get a job But in Haitian politics this is called "Gouvernement de Consensus" --- Definition: Put me in your government or I will bug the crap out of you!

Politicians in Haiti don't want to be elected, they want to be SELECTED...

"Select me... me... me... or I will bitch! I will bug the crap out of you! I will become a pain in your bouda!"

Does that sound like Haitian politics to you?

Loosing an elections does not necessarily mean you lost and winning doesn't necessarily mean you won... it all depends on how BIG the opposition is... In this scenario, the opposition is HUGE!!!

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti: Voters want ELECTIONS, Unelectable Politicians want SELECTION edit

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