Haiti President Martelly Finally Speaks out against Haiti-Dominican Mass Deportation Issue

Haiti president Michel Martelly finally speaks out against the mass deportations of Haitians from the Dominican Republic... At the 36th CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting over the weekend, President Martelly openly criticized the Dominican authorities. Martelly asks CARICOM, OEA, and The United Nations to intervene so that the Rights of Haitians are respected in the neighboring country...

Haiti President Martelly making a speech at CARICOM

KREYOL: President Michel Martelly mande CARICOM, OEA, ak Nation Unis pou fòse Sen Domeng pou respekte dwa Haitien nan peyi yo a... Kisa ou panse de sa???

"Since the end date of the Dominican Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13 Wednesday, June 17, 2015, thousands of Haitians have be crossing the Haitian-Dominican borders," President Martelly said.

"If some have decided to return voluntarily to Haiti, others, more numerous than the first ones, in contrast, were arrested and taken manu militari (using military force) to the border."

"Dominican authorities prefer to speak of assisted voluntary repatriation, while it is often violent deportations," Martelly said.

While President Martelly says respects the sovereignty of the the Dominican Republic and their immigration policies, he is worried however about the way they are carrying out the deportations of Haitians back to Haiti.

"The international community can not remain silent when people whose labor was exploited for decades and that one day they are asked to pack up and leave without the possibility to receive a pension, nor the right to recover their meager heritage," Martelly said.

President Martelly asks the international community to force the Dominican Republic to respect the rights of these people.

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Regina says...

at least the need to come to their own country there is nothing the president can not do anything for Haitian won't stop going overthere still go there what the hell all of them want the president to give them work to do. why the do not work the

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Timan says...

why speak now waited for the last moment its to late should of take action a long time ago mow the people would suffer because of you

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Beahanca says...

I think we need to say fuck DR and move on to bigger and better things.

They are savages.

I agree with the president, I'm okay with them going back, but the way they went about it is what pissing me off. They Don't deserve to be treated like this, after they contribute so much to your sh*t whole and help boost your economy that's how you repay them. Some Dominicans are ignorant and their ignorance is

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Genie Jean says...

Im glad that he did come out to say something at his own timing.

My question is if we are struggling to get 100,000 signatures for the petition how will we get through the bigger obstacles to come?

After the presidents comment what

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Max Mondesir says...

I'm100 per cent agreed with President Martelly about Haitians deportation, these people gives there sweat for decades, to make a living now they. Wants to kicks them out with force that's no

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Ginal Felix says...

It is good enough to me and on time. As a President, your emotion should be after everything, you cannot go just as the street; you have to speak when necessary and know what you have to say between the right groups of people.

We have no money, no army, and not even a strong Police, this tells you a lot; you cannot go strong when you have

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Big Al says...

Obviously this a total disregard for international laws and a violation of human

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Turenne Jean-francois says...

It is a little bit too late, but, it is better than remaining

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