Haiti has 147 Political Parties, Is there enough positions in Government for all these party leaders to fill?

While was listening to Haitian radio today I found out Haiti has 147 official Political Parties, the radio host said it is probably more than 200... It made me wonder... Is there enough positions for all these party leaders to fill in Government?

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KREYOL: Mezanmi tande... Haiti genyen 147 Parti Politiques... Ou panse gen ase JOB andedan gouvenman an pou tout dirijan 147 Parti Politiques sa yo? Kisa ou panse?

Seriously? 147 official Political Parties in Haiti, a country of about 12 million people

Do you know how many political parties exists in the United States?

according to ballotpedia.org, as of July 2014, there are 34 distinct and officially recognized political parties in the 50 states and Washington, D.C., a country of over 300 million people...

AND... Of these 34 political parties, only the Democratic and Republican party is recognized in All 50 States and in Washington D.C.

Off the remaining political parties in the USA only 3 other parties are recognized in more than 10 states

QUESTION: With all these political parties in Haiti, do you really think there will be enough "Ouverture" in the Government so there there is no opposition out there screaming and yelling "ABA" and "VLE PA VLE FO-L ALE" ???

Vire tounen ou tande "Gouvernment de Consensus... Gouvernement d'ouverture..." Ki lajè ouverture saa menm???

147 Political Parties... What do you think about this

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Topsecret Jah Love says...

The y are so ambucieux all of them want to be president on one election,, they are not doing nothing serieux but steel from haiti, ,most if them have a conection to rat pakaka radio yo trop parties political impoze haiti mache lanbusyon yo ye voleur yo

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Patrick Princivil says...

12 Janvié map tan poum wè sak pwal fèt la,

Prézidan Martelly pral dirijé pa dékrè paské fò nou ta fou sèlman poun ta aksépté ban malfrendeng sa yo vin Prézidan d'Haiti

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Ernst says...

HAITI ONLY NEED 3 parties.Tout moun bezwen pote chanjman pou Ayiti..Se Ak blan nou rete e nap toujou rete Ak blan ...

Men mari De Potoprens youn nan yo paka dirige epi yo gen parti politik...

Nou pran moun kap viv nan 10e nan pou kaka ti mesye Le nou Te Ayiti nou pat konn lwa, Le nou rive Kay blan nou we law e nou respekte law ..

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Patrick Gaspard says...

USA is a tiny contry.

haiti is a hug huge land. We have about 200 parties?

Let's make it simple: Share the land 200 territories.

One for each party.


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Subject: Haiti has 147 Political Parties, Is there enough positions in Government for all these party leaders to fill? edit

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