FLASH: Haiti - Farah Juste ARRESTED in Florida for Protesting against Jovenel Moise Without a Permit

BREAKING NEWS... Haitian Singer and LAVALAS political activist Farah Juste was ARRESTED in Miami Florida Sunday for protesting against PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise without a permit...

Haiti Politics - Farah Juste Arrested in Florida
Haiti Politics - Farah Juste Arrested in Florida

KREYOL: Haiti - Chantè, Aktivis Fanmi Lavalas Farah Juste ANBA Kòd nan Florida... La Police arete manmzèl paske l al fè Manifestation kont JOVENEL Moise pandan ke yo te avèti l sa pa ka fet san permit... Kisa ou panse de sa???

4:58 PM - 22 Nov 2015, Miami Herald journalist Jacqueline Charles tweets:

"Fanmi Lavalas activist Farah Juste was arrested today after Miami police warned her it was unlawful to protest @moisejovenel w/o permit"

An article published in the Miami Herald Sunday said a small group of Lavalas protesters were told they could not demonstrate during a brief visit by candidate Jovenel Moise in Miami because they lacked a permit. Farah Juste tried. She was briefly arrested and then released by police.

What do you think about that?

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Mariep says...

Li bien arrete.

paske yo refuse ki peyi a mache, moune lavalas sa yo, paske yo paka vole, yo we mateli ap fe superstar ap antre na canaval peyi a yo

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Rifanest Metellus says...

Be intelligent you know why she 's arrested ok. Read what she wrote on that

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Jean Pipo Wilner says...

Sa vreman byen pas ke folk moun yo gen respè pou la

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Tito says...

Yo pa sipoze chanje fara pou sal fe LA. Miami pa Haiti nap kraze non. Miami c kote ki gen moun kap viv LA.pa bet c moun yo

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Victor Leon says...

Living in the United States you must obey the law. Some people don't at their own risk and to make a point.

She knew the risk but did it anyway.

Do not feel sorry for

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I am very happy that they protested Jovenel Moise.

And I am glad that they were released shortly after their arrest.

Ayiti's legacy is rich and full of folks who stand up for truths, rights and justice.

We should never stop. Blessed

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Kpk says...

Ala hont pou

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Joe says...

Yo kite lakay yo nan manifestasyon le yo rive nan payi moune yo yap kontinye fel toujou min haisyen se yon bet ki sanrwont

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Joe says...

They think Florida is

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Sephora says...

ce pou yo vin fer lobey devan prizon vin boule kaotchou yo dwe kompran ce nan savann yo a, yo ye. suman yo dwe promet li place premier minist bor ici pa nan rans ak epave al frenk pran permi ce nan peyi blan ou ye gin

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Farah Juste ARRESTED in Florida for Protesting against Jovenel Moise Without a Permit edit

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