Haiti Elections - Candidate Level Francois KICKED out Presidential Race due to Crack Cocaine Conviction in USA

Haiti Elections Update - Citizen Level Francois has been KICKED out as a candidate for president of Haiti for having been convicted of possession and trafficking of crack and cocaine in the United States of America, the Electoral Council (CEP) reported in a Communiqué de Presse Friday...

Levelt Francois - Candidate for President of Haiti

KREYOL: Haiti - KEP a mete deyò Levelt Francois, Candidat a la Presidence, nan kous elektoral la... Yo di misye te nan PRIZON Ozetazini pou zafè Dwòg, Crack ak Cocaine... Nou mele... Kisa ou panse de sa???

There is in fact a page on eCases.us talking about United States v. Levelt Francois, back in 1989, where a Levelt Francois was conviction on two counts: Possession with intent to distribute 750 grams of crack (Count 1) and possession with intent to distribute approximately 100 grams of a mixture and substance containing cocaine (Count 2).

Is that the same Level Francois who is now a Candidate for President in Haiti? Hmmm...

Note: The CEP published the name Level Francois, without the 't', as an approved candidate for president for Parti De La Diaspora Haitienne Pour Haiti but rejected the candidacy of Levelt Francois, with a 't', days later.

What do you think about that?

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Judithe Gindi says...

level"t" francois pas seulemen nan prison a Washington DC de 1988 a 2004 et deporte a Haiti.

Escroc, violeur level"t" francois nan mim anne 2004 li retourne en en Florida sou on fo passport de la li traverse New Jerseynan mim anne sans scrupule level"t" francois join on lot arrestation 2004 a 2012 et li te lage sou federal probation ki commence 2014. Autoproclame Dr e avocat level francois simplement on voleur, escroc, violeur, drogue dealer, bisexuel.

audacieux level francois c sa seulemen li fe, vole, escroc.

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Candidate Level Francois KICKED out Presidential Race due to Crack Cocaine Conviction in USA edit

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