Haiti - Charlito Baker warns against 'NO Elections' Rumors, a Strategy he says

Haiti Elections Update - RESPE political party leader Charlito Baker calls the 'NO Elections' rumors that are spreading a strategy by the haters of democracy to discourage political parties from participating in the upcoming Elections... There WILL be elections Charlito Baker says...

Charlito Baker Town Hall Meeting

KREYOL: Haiti - Charlito Baker pati RESPE di pawòl kap pale kòm kwa pap gen election ane saa se yon strateji pou lenmi demokrasi yo dekouraje pati politik yo al patisipe nan election... AP gen election, se sa Charlito di... Kisa ou panse de sa...

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Here is what Charlito Baker said to the Haitian media recently:

"I hear on the radio they are saying there wont be any elections in the country. I believe these are rumors that is hurting democracy in Haiti... There will be elections on 09 Aug, there will be elections in October.

These rumors are spreading so that Political parties like RESPE which does not have drug money, state money, stolen money or contraband money do not find the money they need to go to elections.

When they spread these rumors in the private sector they are hurting us because we have to fight to find money to help our candidates...

We are not so sure what kind of elections they will give us but there will be elections. Do now let them interrupt you otherwise they will steal the elections right under your noses."

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti - Charlito Baker warns against 'NO Elections' Rumors, a Strategy he says edit

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