Haiti CEP Member says ZERO of 162 Complaints were against Presidential Elections

This may come as a surprise to you but... Haiti Electoral council member Marie Carmel Paul Austin told Radio Ginen Tuesday that NONE of the 162 complaints received by the special commission was in regards to the Presidential elections. All 162 complaints were regarding the Legislative and municipal elections... What the???

Haiti CEP - Marie Carmel Paul Austin
Haiti CEP - Marie Carmel Paul Austin

KREYOL: Haiti - Conseiller Electoral Marie Carmel Paul Austin di: Nan 162 plaintes ki reporte bay commission special la, ZERO nan yo reporte pou election presidentiel... Tout se pou Legislatif ak Municipal... Kisa ou panse de sa???

In the morning show 'Di l Jan l ye' on radio Ginen, Marie Carmel Paul Austin said the only link between the complaints and the presidential elections is the fact that there is only ONE vote list for the entire electoral process, meaning that a single voter receives one balot for each election: president, senator, depute and municipal.

While there are so many complaint on the radio airwaves by presidential candidates screaming FRAUD, this came as a BIG surprise that NONE of them complained to the electoral council's special commission...

What do you think about that?

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Cheria says...

Not one to be left out the party of doom-Baker just joined the "fraud" bandwagon too. Poor Haiti.

The losers want to do over until each of them is named the winner-an impossible feat!

How the hell they made it on the Presidential ballot and Lamothe didn't is beyond me, but now that Martelly presented a very capable Jovenel Moise, please let the progress already started until Martelly continue to flourish.

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Subject: Haiti CEP Member says ZERO of 162 Complaints were against Presidential Elections edit

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