Haiti Government Ready to Maintain LAW and ORDER after Elections Results, Communication Minister says

Haiti Elections Update -- The government will take ALL steps necessary to maintain LAW and ORDER the streets of Haiti following the release of the presidential elections results Thursday... There will be ZERO Tolerance for ALL troublemakers with ulterior motives...

UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti
UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti

Communication Minister Jean Mario Dupuy says:

"The people must be allowed to go about their business... It's an election, in a democracy there can only be one winner, there has to be winners and loosers..."

"The government did NOT hold the elections, the government is the one giving the results, the Government's job is to maintain law and order and the government will take all necessary steps to do that, maintain law and order..."

"The people of Haiti made a choice, they adopted democracy and democracy does not work without elections... ALL of the people will not necessarily agree but the law has provisions for that, it is a procedure called 'contestation'..."

"We the people of Haiti have to choose under which system want to live... Democracy is the lesser of all the evils... we have tried the other systems, dictatorship, coup d'etat, we've tried them already..."

I guess it safe to assume that the communications minister is saying, going out destroying private and public property because you disagree with an election result is not exactly a democracy... Try teaching that to some people I know!!!

What do you think about that?

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Antonio Besuvil says...

100% right.

The Government duty is to kép citizen safe an protect their property.

You have to realize that the opposition is divided, the division makes you weak in the interets of the other party you challenge.

If you lose step back, go 2 think and correct your mistake.


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Subject: Haiti Government Ready to Maintain LAW and ORDER after Elections Results, Communication Minister says edit

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